I've been a keen writer all my life and when I left high school, I studied Professional Writing and Editing at TAFE, rather than take on a generic university Arts course.

Many years later, after trying my hand at novels and screenplays, I turned to live theatre - which I'd always loved. Right now, theatre and I fit. We work together really well. Live theatre excites me on a different level than film, television and books. I'd love to do it all, but right now theatre is my passion.

There's a couple of half-finished novels on my hard-drive, and screenplays which have piqued the interest of producers here and abroad - but to no avail. Those are long term goals. Theatre making is where it's at right now.

Contact me: keith (at) keithgow.com

Keith Gow is a playwright who has dabbled in short filmmaking and occasionally flirts with writing novels. He studied Professional Writing & Editing at Holmesglen TAFE, where he went with every intention of writing film scripts but was thoroughly tempted and engaged with writing for live performance.

His short plays have been performed across Australia and in South East Asia, with several Short & Sweet Theatre festivals under his belt, as well as mounting his one-man show, Richard Di Gregorio: On Time, in both Melbourne and Adelaide at their respective Fringe festivals.

After co-founding The Wooden Leg in 2011, Keith's theatre company has produced two successful seasons of short plays in non-traditional theatre venues and an entry into Short & Sweet Melbourne 2012.

His latest show, Who Are You Supposed to Be, premiered at Edinburgh Fringe in 2013 and went on to be performed in London and at Fringe Festivals in Melbourne and Adelaide.

He has written two episodes for the upcoming Channel 31 drama series, Sonnigsburg.

He's always looking ahead, wrestling with which project to start on next.

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Four productions of Poems a Dead Boy Wrote
1. Nicole Bilson at Short & Sweet Melbourne 2011
2. Christine Husband as part of Painting with Words & Fire at Revolt, 2012
3. Hannah Finn in the New York reading of Painting with Words & Fire - Primary Stages, 2012
4. Amanda Jermyn at Short & Sweet Sydney 2013