Premiered on Channel 31 in Nov/Dec 2016.

Now on Youtube.

The trailer:

On her way to research the ghost town of Sonnigsburg, Savannah  becomes more and more haunted by her own past.

Welcome to Mount Sunshine, the place that’s on the way to nowhere in particular. Savannah, a city girl who has no time for country living, has stopped in to visit her ex-girlfriend, Jade.

But in a town whose facade looks like it did a hundred years ago, and where technology quickly gives up the ghost, it’s difficult to find answers to even the simplest of questions.

Savannah has made it this far, but will she make it all the way to Sonnigsburg?


Created by Fiona Bulle, Keith Gow, Meaghan Bell and Alex Scott.

Starring Ann Truong, Don Bridges, Dushan Philips, Maree Shefford, Soren Jensen, Nadia Andary, Gavin Williams, Juliene Vanner, Sam Eddy, Petra Elliott and Ian Stenlake

Stills from Episode 1, directed by Glenn Triggs