Lights up.

A writer sits in front of his laptop, trying to find the right words to introduce himself and decides simplicity is best.

Hi, I'm Keith. I'm a playwright, living in Melbourne, Australia. The last three years has seen my plays - both short and full-length - read, workshopped and produced in various venues across Melbourne (and once in Malaysia, in 2008).

I'm currently in pre-production on two shows; one that's headed for the Melbourne Fringe Festival in September and October 2011, and one that's aiming for production in November. It's a busy time for me - and it's a busy time for the Melbourne creative community.

I want to write a little bit about the process of putting both of these shows on. I wish I'd started blogging about them when they were first conceived, but as with most things creative, it's not always easy to pinpoint their conception.

Over the coming weeks and months, I'm going to look back on how both these projects began - both in entirely different ways. And I'm going to talk about where pre-production is up to and when you can come along to see the shows when they are set to premiere. And where my work will be headed in 2012.

I'll also be giving overviews of my other work - plays that are yet to see production, as well as a look back to productions/readings of my work in the past.

And because Melbourne seems to be in such a rich creative place right now, I'll occasionally blog about theatre shows I've seen - from the Melbourne Theatre Company main stages, to the smallest independent theatre companies, showcasing their work in intimate venues and found spaces.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope I've got the time to both create theatre and talk about the process.

Lights down.