Melbourne Fringe Show - Ten Weeks To Go...

I'll be writing more about the content of On Time closer to Fringe, but just wanted to say a few words about where we are in the pre-production process after our most recent meeting.

Last night was our first in-depth discussion about marketing and promotion, which always seems daunting to me, since it's not something I tend to think about as a writer. Producers, sure - that's their job. Actors, definitely - they usually have to do all the talking. But I think we've got some good ideas and our connections in the media are pretty strong, too.

We went over a list of answers we need to get from our venue and talked about when we'll need to print up posters, send out press releases and the like. I also got to hear some of the music from the show, which got me really excited since music is something I have an opinion on but basically no talent for. Finding collaborators that can bring different elements to make the show better are awesome.

And tonight we got sent a proof of our Fringe Guide ad, which looks great and feels like real evidence that we are actually doing Fringe!

We've got a lot to do before the show, but we've got clearly defined goals between now and then - and things will ramp up quickly the closer we get.