Q: What is Project X? A: The Wooden Leg

Carrie Fisher. She says she never signed
a contract to stay looking like this for the
next forty years!
I don't mean to be obtuse about my upcoming project, but until I know it's definitely going to go ahead, I don't want to jinx it. But so far, so good. We've re-evaluated how the season will look. Now it's likely to be one week only, five performances, second week of September - 7th to 11th.

We have the plays chosen: "Sibling Loyalty" and "You Will Be Kissed By Princess Leia" by me and "Immersed" by Hayley Lawson-Smith. We have most of the roles cast and one director on board. Because of the short turnaround time, instead of lots of doubling up, we'll try to spread the love across more actors so they can focus on one show at a time - and get a director for each play.

The Wooden Leg is the name of the group we've created for this project - and that's what we'll be selling the show under, once we hit the go button on publicity. And I'll be much happier calling it that than Project X. It's less mysterious, but still obscure.

24 days until opening night...

Update: Casting and director announcements for The Wooden Leg... Three Short Plays!