On Time: three more shows, then Adelaide 2012

Richard Di Gregorio, rehearsing for On Time
"[Richard's] storytelling style and dramatisation allowed the show to be 
meaningful and somewhat philosophical amongst the jokes." 
- Chris Dewberry, Comedy Beast Magazine

If there's one thing that all my previous shows have had in common - productions have happened long after I've written the scripts and turnaround has been really quick. Six week rehearsals or two week rehearsals - or that one time I wrote a play in a weekend for a Sunday night performance. Good times.

On Time has been with me since December, through first draft, rewrites, short film shooting and rehearsals, it's the most time I've spent on a project before its production. And there's only three shows left? Really?

The other big difference is that Richard, Chris, Ephiny and I are already looking at a future for the show - having almost decided on a venue for the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2012. It's always been at the back of my mind that the show would and could tour. And it's always been at the forefront of Richard's mind - already plotting and planning a tour after Adelaide. We're going to film the whole show over these final three nights to send out to promoters and see where we can take this show on the road.

But, yes, sigh - only three more shows in Melbourne, for now. I'm sure it'll be back in its home town one day, but you'll be missing out if you don't come along this weekend. Of course, you all might see us in Adelaide or even Edinburgh - that's the Fringe evolution, right? Melbourne, Adelaide, Edinburgh? Because I know my readership is bigger than Melbourne and Australia - so I really need to bring a show or two to you, too.

Melbourne readers - see you there! Next stop: the world!