Adelaide Fringe: Shows I Saw...

It's been an incredible time, bringing Richard Di Gregorio: On Time to Adelaide.

I haven't been to Adelaide for their Fringe festival before, but it makes the whole city so alive and vibrant and I've seen lots of amazing shows while I've been here.

In order of seeing them...

THIS IS IT - the audience enters a press conference for a new Australian film. We are the press and we are invited to ask the stars of the film questions about the film we've just seen. Except, of course, we haven't seen the film - just some teaser trailers. Improv fun!

BABUSHKA - four amazing sopranos from Brisbane, having fun with pop songs and arias and flirting with the audience. I wandered into the Dragonfly bar randomly at 8pm on Wednesday night to this delightful cabaret show. And now I keep running into the girls everywhere. (I am not stalking them!)

AWAKE - Fleur Kilpatrick's two short plays are poetry on stage, both through the use of language and the simple, elegant set. A strong cast brings these two haunting stories to life.

SEPIA - a lovely drama about family and cuttlefish and the legacy we leave behind. A great use of an environmental issue to propel the story, without being at all preachy.

UTA UBER KOOL JA - Uta invites you up to her hotel room for the after party of the launch of her new single. And that's only the beginning of the fun, the costume changes and the champagne soaked partying that happens on the second floor of the Hotel Richmond.

SONS & MOTHERS - No Strings Attached theatre for the disabled tells the story of six intellectually disabled men and their relationships with their mothers. It's so simply realised but so exhilerating and emotionally engaging. And very, very moving.

Final night of On Time tonight. Then back to the Fringe Club to celebrate an amazing week!