Announcing the Director and Stars of "Eight Minutes" - Short & Sweet Melbourne 2012

There are three basic ways to experience a Short & Sweet Festival:

1) As a wildcard, performed once (or twice) - with all your work focused on that one (or those two) performances to impress an audience
2) As a Top Thirty play - five performances spread over a week, a decent but short season to show off your ten minute play, put together in a handful of weeks by writer, director and actors that are basically thrown together randomly
3) As an Independent Theatre Company submission - where an independent theatre company presents the show as a group, able to handpick their director and have more discretion over casting, production, etc.

And as I've been involved in three Short & Sweet Festivals in Melbourne now, I've progressed through each of those experiences. They all have their pros and cons, but for me, developing this project with The Wooden Leg team has been the most fulfilling to this point thus far.

Wallis, Andy, Hayley and I got to decide which play we were going to submit. We got to throw down a list of directors' names and invite them to pitch ideas. And once we had a director, we got to talk about how we saw the show, what we wanted to say with the show and who we wanted in the show.

And now we have our director and two cast members, here they are in all their headshot glory...

Director - Clara Pagone

Adam - Sean Scanlon

Eve - Anna Burgess

And the final star of the show...

You are cordially invited to witness its destruction.

Eight Minutes by Keith Gow is on as part of Short & Sweet Melbourne 2012 as part of Theatre Group B:
Wed Nov 28 7:30pm, Thur Nov 29 7:30pm, Fri Nov 30 7:30pm, Sat Dec 1 1:30pm and 7:30pm

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