Edinburgh #7: Three weeks until opening night...

It's less than 48 hours until the finish of our Indiegogo fundraiser for Edinburgh Fringe. I'm still amazed at the generosity of family, friends, colleagues, fellow artists and strangers for all they've donated so far. We're so much closer to where we need to be now - posters have gone to print, costumes are being bought and assembled.

I'm starting to plan the annotated script that we're giving away as part of the fundraiser. Jen, Cameron and Emrys are ready to get into the nitty gritty of the final few weeks of rehearsals. (Being the creative fellows they are, Emrys directed a production of Twelfth Night last weekend at Stratford-Upon-Avon, in which Cameron appeared as Feste.)

This morning I woke to find that the Australian Times - a newspaper for expat Australians published in the UK - has listed Who Are You Supposed to Be as one of the Top Australian acts at this year's Edinburgh Fringe. Number #7, in fact!

It even appeared in print:

We've had a bit of publicity at Doctor Who sites, blogs and in the Edinburgh Press. See the almost exhaustive list here.

Last weekend, while the boys were off in Stratford, Jen was doing a lengthy vlog-cast (?) interview about fans, fandom, crowdfunding and the show! See it below:

Meanwhile, I've been sending out press releases, trying to set up more interviews, planning a possible tour of the show post-Edinburgh. Maybe Manchester. Hopefully London. And more into the future...

And, of course, trying to get everyone to support the show at Indiegogo or by buying a ticket! Spread the word. Only 44 hours to go on the fundraiser. And three weeks until opening night!