Sonnigsburg: Episode 2 preview

Lily (Maree Shefford) in Sonnigsburg, episode two

Episode two of Sonnigsburg airs tomorrow night and premieres on YouTube the following day. It was written by Alex Scott and directed by Alex Scott & Meaghan Bell.

The episode introduces the character of Lily, the town doctor – who was mentioned in episode one. She’s played by Maree Shefford.

After filming episode one, we started shooting episodes two through six, based on actor availability and by location. Given our small budget, we couldn’t keep our cast together for too long, so our original plan to shoot the series mostly in order couldn’t be sustained.

Ian Stenlake (Stingers, Sea Patrol) had to finish filming all his scenes by early 2015. He only makes a cameo in episode two, but all his scenes from later episodes had to be shot long before the bulk of the series was done.

After all the introductions in episode one, episode two allows us some time to get to know these characters a bit better; dig into their pasts and the history of Mount Sunshine.

We released a sneak peek scene from episode two on YouTube:

And you can still catch up on episode one:

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