Melbourne Comedy Festival: The Desperettes' A Guide to Being a Wingman

The Desperettes

The Desperettes, a trio of women who love a solid pop song parody, want to have a good time. And they are dressed to, if not impress, stand out in the crowd. Clad in black suits with thin ties, like something out of an early 90s Tarantino movie, they also sport giant pink beehives.

What are we getting ourselves into? How far will they go to find a man?

The show, A Guide to Being a Wingman, plays with gender identity and they use old-fashioned tricks for picking up women to try to pick up men. The audience is treated to catchy twists on current and past love and lust songs. It’s a party club atmosphere, filled with laughs and some awkward and hilarious audience interaction.

“Terrible puns used as pick-up lines” is an awful genre of joke, but these women find the gender-flipped versions and all of a sudden, we’re laughing at new versions of old jokes and wondering how these things ever worked in the first place.

A Guide to Being a Wingman is fast-paced, quick-witted and while it won’t really teach you how to pick up, it might be a lesson in what not to do.