Melbourne Comedy Festival: Double Denim

Laura and Michelle in denim, Double Denim

Welcome to the Double Denim party; not a flashback to when double denim was actually thought to be cool but to some weird time when there was an ironic revival.

Michelle and Laura are hosting and they are here to keep you fully entertained until the guests of honour arrive. They are disappointed there’s so little denim on display from their guests, which is a bit surprising from a comedy festival crowd. But our hosts are probably wearing enough denim for the rest of us anyway.

Double Denim is playing in the back room at Belleville and it feels just right for this kind of party. The audience are tightly packed in, perfect for games of pass-the-parcel and “have some coke and then give your neighbour a go”. While not getting hopped up on the excitement of prizes and caffeine, these two women entertain us with sketches (Laura and her invisible ballet partners), dancing and audience participation, including a date and some limbo. And some more dancing.

This is a very silly show, which perfectly suits the mood of a party that feels like it’s for high schoolers who are pretending to be adults. The show swings from sketch to improv to wild dancing and even when you get the feeling the guests of honour won’t show, you know you’ve been to a hell of a party anyway.