REVIEW: Boys Taste Better with Nutella – Melbourne Fringe

You’ve probably got a friend like this. She’s young and desperate to fall in love but she hates herself a little so she clings to any guy who will give her attention, when all she really wants is to go home and binge-eat a jar of Nutella. But you’ve never seen that story on stage with dance, musical interludes and actors smeared with the aforementioned Hazelnut spread. Good news, now you can!

Aggy and Frederick are best friends who met in the supermarket. They’ve seen each other fall in and out of bad relationships, Aggy with boys whose traits she takes on, and Frederick with guys online who post shit like “no fats, no femmes”. There’s a lot of flashbacks to flesh out their history of bad habits and you never really forget where you are – past or present – until the audience is put on the spot to answer a question or two.

Aggy tries hard to be loved, but it’s hard when she’s smeared in Nutella. Frederick seems like the life of the party, except he’s really just in his room making Mukbang videos – looking for likes.
What I loved about this show was the two performers, Caitlin Hill and Peter Wood, throwing themselves into these absurd roles, while also digging deeper into millennial culture. 

There’s something hilariously funny about an interpretive dance that’s well-choreographed gyration and sprays of McDonald’s fries. But the show is also about eating disorders and body shaming and a generation who have grown up with Instagram and not being able to live up to those perfectly filtered images.