REVIEW: Beige Bitch – Melbourne Fringe

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s okay to lower our expectations. Welcome to a self-help seminar, where just-good-enough is okay. Embrace your mediocrity and get more joy out of life.

Writer and performer Emily Carr throws a Powerpoint presentation up on the screen she forgot to lower after running into the theatre late and the show is off to a stop-start start. She’ll add in audience participation and a ukulele later, too – which feels like the perfect thing for the average Fringe show.

The danger Carr is running towards, of course, is that by creating a show about being beige, the end result might be bland and inoffensive. But instead, her observations are wry and it’s not really as defeatist as it sounds. Lowering expectations doesn’t mean eliminating them, it can also mean to find the joy in what life does bring, without beating yourself up when you’re not the Boss Bitch you aspired to be.

Beige Bitch is a clever piece of satire about a millennial who knows the world is set against her and she’s starting from behind. But if you can have fun, find the bright spots and realise that most people are just okay at things, life can be a whole lot better – even when it’s beige.

The show is filled with laughs and an audience member marrying their own mediocrity. What other show can promise you that?

Beige Bitch is on as part of Melbourne Fringe until October 23rd.