REVIEW: A Bit of Fun, Kirsty Webeck – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

The first thing Kirsty Webeck needs you to know, as way of introduction, is that she is not a Kristy. Kristys play netball and plan hens’ parties and hire stretch limos. That is not Kirsty’s culture at all. Kirsty is into Bunnings and catching the bus. (Not “riding the bus” which sounds entirely too dirty for Kirsty’s 6pm show – or 5pm Sundays, which is the show I saw.)

With that out of the way, Kirsty wants us all to know that even though we’re at a comedy show, we’re safe from audience participation. She thinks that’s lazy outsourcing. “Welcome to my show, where you’re the show!”

She tells a story about being tricked into going to see Swan Lake because her friend used a fun voice and she was petrified that maybe there would be audience participation there, too. And she hadn’t even warmed up!

Kirsty’s show veers all over the place – from pranks (both to her and by her) to naming whales and sharks to first birthday parties used as an excuse to skip brunch and the smugness she has from being child-free.

A Bit of Fun is a whole lot of fun – a solid hour of laughs from beginning to end. Feel free to sit in the front row. If Kirsty ever does audience participation, she’ll pick on people hiding down the back.

- Keith Gow, Theatre First

Thirsty Kirsty is on stage at the Westin as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival until April 23rd.