REVIEW: Lou Wall vs the Internet – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Think about the person you’re most jealous of. Hold them in your mind as you watch this show because Lou has got some (very bad) advice to deal with those people whose lives feel like an improvement on your own.

Get more followers on Tik Tok! Keep a close eye on their Instagram! Try to beat them at auditions or make a show so good you get nominated for a Green Room award! Then scream the place down when you find out your nemesis has also been nominated.

Lou, as always, combines rants and memes and songs and Facebook messages in a whirlwind show that plays like anxiety on overload. They won’t give you time to catch your breath, otherwise you might have second thoughts about the best way to deal with your jealousy. Or your anxiety.

Trying to therapise yourself probably isn’t the answer, either.

Lou Wall is doing things on stage I just don’t see anywhere else. It’s dark and disorientating, digital and delightful. The rabbit holes you’ll follow Lou down are astonishing – and the entertainment they can make out of DMs and feet pics will make you laugh until you hurt.

Jealousy is a curse but if you find yourself under the thrall of it, take Lou’s advice and make a Comedy Festival show about it! Just pray they don’t turn up in the audience because that would be awks.

- Keith Gow, Theatre First

Lou Wall versus The Internet is playing at ACMI until April 9th.