REVIEW: The Bisexual’s Lament, Lou Wall - Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Lou Wall’s 2023 was great for their professional life and disastrous for their personal life. And after all the work Lou did coming out as a lesbian, they’ve found themselves swimming at the shallow end of the pool – sleeping with straight dudes. Even more distressingly, Lou became a chuckle fucker.

Lou’s brand of opening up a vein of trauma and delivering it like a mutated powerpoint presentation continues to be a next-level delight. Yes, this show is a list of things Lou found funny during the best, most awful year of her life – but that list is so chaotic, if there was no numbering system, you might think Lou was having a full meltdown in front of you.

It’s hard to compare Lou’s work to anyone else, because their delivery style is one-part honesty, one-part masochism, five-parts musical with a side of online millennial batshittery. When you’ve seen more than one of Lou’s shows, recurring themes and interests and mental gymnastics (and the occasional re-used song) stand out, but if you’re seeing them for the first time, it might take a bit to click into their vibe.

I love Lou’s work and The Bisexual’s Lament is one of their finest hours – such a shame it’s built on a tough time for the comedian-singer-writer-performance artist. Because you want to shout “more, more” but you also hope Lou has a better year this year than last. Another success at MICF will help – so do not miss this! It’s a kaleidoscope of tragi-comedy because Lou had no time to wait or waste making their next show.

- Keith Gow, Theatre First

Lou Wall is playing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival until April 21.