Melbourne Fringe: The Measure of a Man

Gavin Roach (And then theSnow Fell on Egypt) has some stories he wants to tell you in person. They are sex stories. They are stories of intimacy. They are stories of his life.

In a world of hook-up apps and porn, Gavin is refreshingly honest in his appraisal of his own life as a gay man. Men spend a lot of time pretending they are tougher than they really are or more macho or better at sex. Or more interested. Or bigger. More powerful. Full of confidence.

The Measure of a Man is fifty minutes of Roach being honest about how awkward he was when he was younger and how lacking confidence shook his own self-worth. His frankness about his insecurities and his impotence make the show fascinating.

Exploring sex and dating in a show can be a fraught prospect; we can all relate but sometimes hearing these stories from other people is not fun. Gavin makes the ups and downs of his life engaging. He’s a charismatic performer and his measure of a man is above average.