My Past Productions



Here's a list of past productions of my work, as well as significant readings or developments. 

September 2023 Turn, Turn, Turn
Directed by Renee Palmer, Theatre Works

"The writing is playful, even a little tongue-in-cheek, but for each easy smile, there is a nagging ethical itch." - Chris Boyd, Patreon
"While the plot turns and turns, there are puns and jokes that give breathing space in the building tension, and there's imagery that's pure theatre and beautiful writing." - Anne-Marie Peard, Australian Arts Review
"An ambitious queer sci-fi drama... [playwright Keith] Gow interrogates topical issues from climate anxiety to class, privilege and family structures." - Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen, The Age

March 2022 Shakespeare ALIENS (remount)
Directed by Rob Lloyd, Adelaide Fringe Festival

October 2022 Shakespeare ALIENS (remount)
Directed by Rob Lloyd at Gasworks

January 2022 Shakespeare ALIENS
Directed by Rob Lloyd at Theatre Works

"An endearing mash-up" - Time Out
"Hilarious Lo-Fi Fun" - The Age
"Ingenious design enlivens the visual humour" - Sydney Morning Herald
"A lot of fun and should certainly tour the comedy and fan convention circuits." - Television is Furniture
"A glorious night in the theatre, where the show and the audience completely bonded" - Anne-Marie Peard, Triple R
"An enormously fun piece of theatre" - Richard Watts, Triple R

December 2020 Talking in Circles & Strange Junctures
Directed by Jonathon Dyer & Renee Palmer
PlaySix Festival by Birnam Wood Productions

November, 2020 (online) Cinnamon Scrolls by Kate Mulqueen. Directed by Keith Gow.
Madwomen Monologes by Baggage Productions

June, 2020 (online) Like A House on Fire
Encompass Productions - Live Stream from London

"a powerful play" - LondonTheatre1
"a gloriously intoxicating and sinister experience" - Theatre Weekly
"beautifully written and extremely tight script" - Number 9 reviews
"The mind of a pyromaniac is skilfully and cleverly explored in Keith Gow's play" - The Upcoming
"a model monologue full of drama and wicked humour that plays expertly with the audience" - Once A Week Theatre

Full play:

November, 2019 An Interview Ain't No Sure Thing by Phoebe Taylor. Directed by Keith Gow.
Madwomen Monologes by Baggage Productions at the Butterfly Club.

December, 2018 Dating Apps by Katie Lee. Directed by Keith Gow. 
Madwomen Monologes by Baggage Productions at the Butterfly Club.

September, 2018 Never Ending Night by Keith Gow, Bridgette Burton and Amelia Newman. 
Directed by Renee Palmer. Dramaturgy by Keith Gow. Immersive theatre experience as part of Melbourne Fringe.

"Much to like... interesting ideas being explored... nuanced performances." - Witness Performance

November, 2016 Sonnigsburg - Channel 31. Six-part supernatural drama. Originally aired on Channel 31 in November/December 2016. Co-creator, Co-Executive Producer.

Nominated for two Antenna Awards:
- Best Program
- Best Narrative/Fictional Program

Now available on YouTube.


March, 2016. Like A House on Fire - Bare Essentials, Encompass Productions 
Directed by Liam Fleming. Starring Rachel Nott

Rachel Nott as Penny in "Like a House on Fire", London

December, 2015. The Riverbank, Once More - Play Six, 10th Anniversary Season. 
Directed by Debra Low. Starring Anthony O'Connell and Ben Taylor

September, 2015. Who Are You Supposed to Be - Write Around the Murray festival
Opening night, one night only.

March, 2015. Who Are You Supposed to Be - Adelaide Fringe

"Four and a half stars" - Adelaide Theatre Guide

Photo by Melissa Cadzow

December, 2014. The Riverbank Once More - PlaySix Festival.

September/October, 2014 - Who Are You Supposed to Be? - Melbourne Fringe.

Starring Jennifer Lusk, Rob Lloyd.

"Four and a half stars" - Beat Magazine
"A funny, intelligent geeky romp through the sexual politics of fandom" - Squirrel Comedy
"Some serious social dialogue underpinning the repartee" - Melbourne. Arts. Fashion. 

June 20, 2014 - A Modern Superwoman - Playwrights Horizons, New York

Research reading, directed by Joy Kelly. 
Starring Christopher Michael Bauer, Clara F Pagone, Stephanie Regina, Laurie Strickland, Josh Tobin and Johanna Maria Rose.

November, 2013 - Who Are You Supposed to Be? - Etcetera Theatre, Camden, London

Starring Cameron K McEwan, Jennifer Lusk. Directed by Emrys Matthews.

"A quality script... nuanced and believable" - Blogtor Who

November, 2013 - Eight Minutes - Short & Sweet Townsville.

Directed by Kate Saunders.

September, 2013 - About Time - Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Directed by Don Bridges.

August, 2013 - Who Are You Supposed to Be? - Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Starring Cameron K McEwan, Jennifer Lusk. Directed by Emrys Matthews.

"A charming yet unexpected resolution" - Broadway Baby

August, 2013.  Lady M 
As part of "Shakespeare - An Indulgence" at the MUST Container Festival with Trelawney Edgar

August, 2013. A Modern Superwoman - workshop/reading by Five.Point.One in Adelaide, as part of their Reading Sessions.

Directed by Tiffany Knight. Starring Sophie Bruhn, Claire Glenn, Matt Gregan, Roger Newcombe, Caitlin McCreanor

May 26, 2013 Who Are You Supposed To Be? - reading

Development reading before Edinburgh Fringe. The Owl & the Pussycat.
With Ben McKenzie & Petra Elliott. And Patrick Hill.

Mar, 2013 A Modern Superwoman - reading

Cold Reading Series. The Owl & the Pussycat.

February, 2013 Poems a Dead Boy Wrote

Directed by Florence Kermet. Starring Elizabeth Slattery, Amanda Jermyn, Lachlan Galbraith. Short & Sweet Sydney, 2013

February, 2013 Like a House on Fire

Directed by Nicolas Thornton. University of Western Michigan's Directors' Festival.

November/December, 2012 Eight Minutes

Directed by Clara Pagone. Starring Sean Scanlon and Anna Burgess. Short & Sweet Melbourne, 2012

Photo by 3 Fates Media

August, 2012 - Painting with Words & Fire

A one-night only research reading at Primary Stages in New York. Directed by Robert Gonyo. Starring Laura Iris Hill, Hannah Finn and Rebecca Burton

February/March, 2012 - Richard Di Gregorio: On Time, Directed by Chris Broadstock. The Metropolitan Hotel, Adelaide.

"worth a moment of your time to see how he does it" - The Adelaide Advertiser

"clever and very funny" -

February, 2012 - Painting with Words and Fire

Developed with and starring Christine Husband, Renee Palmer, Adrienne Sloan. Presented by The Wooden Leg at Revolt Art Space, Kensington.

"up close and personal... confronting, but thrilling... a moving narrative by writer Keith Gow." - Stage Whispers

"a rich and absorbing piece of theatre... deftly directed, superbly acted..." - Vera Poh, ToDadWithLove

Photo by Christine Husband

January, 2012 - Like a House on Fire Directed by David Attrill. Starring Erin McMullen as Penny
Newtown Theatre. Short & Sweet Sydney 2012.

"Like a House on Fire is an engaging monologue performed confidently by Erin McMullen" - Jane Simmons

Erin McMullen as Penny
(c) 2012, Kerry Fluhr

November, 2011 - Poems a Dead Boy WroteShort & Sweet Melbourne 2011. Chapel Off Chapel.
Directed by Flora Georgiou. Starring Nicole Bilson.

Nicole Bilson as Jane in Poems a Dead Boy Wrote
Image by Andre Stefan White

September/October, 2011 - Richard Di Gregorio: On Time, Melbourne Fringe Festival.
Written by Keith Gow. Directed by Chris Broadstock. Produced by Ephiny Gale. Starring Richard Di Gregorio.

Another Verse of My Life from
"Richard Di Gregorio: On Time"

September, 2011 - The Wooden Leg... Three Plays
Sibling Loyalty starring Brad Williams, Donna Pope. Directed by Paul Knox
You Will Be Kissed By Princess Leia starring Paul Knox, Tom Carmody. Directed by Christine Husband

In rehearsal for
"You Will Be Kissed By Princess Leia"

Jan/Feb/Mar 2011 - The New Normal, serial reading of full-length play, Cold Readings Series (Felix Bar, St Kilda)

Photo by Mira Pankey

Nov 2010 - The Fidelity Act, 10 minute play, Short & Sweet Melbourne. Gala Finalist. Director: Ephiny Gale. Starring Richard Di Gregorio, Nick Brien, Emma Kenyon.

Photo by Gareth Hart

November, 2010 - About Time..., 10 minute play, 48 Hour Play Challenge. 
Melbourne Theatre Collective. Director: Ephiny Gale. Starring Charity Shaw, Maria Coviello.

February, 2010 - It's Not the End of the World, 10 minute play, Crash Test Drama Finals. Runner-up.

August, 2008 - everything. First time for..., 10 minute play, Short & Sweet Malasyia. 
Director: Az'farr Baginda. Starring Iedil Putra, Hanah Mazlan, Adrian Lim, Shirin Jauhair

Photo by Az'farr Baginda