My Favourite Theatre of 2023

REVIEW: A Daylight Connection Double-Bill – Malthouse Theatre

REVIEW: Vampire Lesbians of Sodom by Charles Busch – Little Ones Theatre

REVIEW: The Visitors by Jane Harrison

REVIEW: Orlando by Rachel Lewindon & Willow Sizer (based on the novel by Virigina Woolf)

REVIEW: In the Club by Patricia Cornelius

REVIEW: Hour of the Wolf, created by Keziah Warner and Matt Lutton

REVIEW: FLAKE by Dan Lee (Co-Created by Chi Nguyen)

REVIEW: For Love Nor Money by Angus Cameron – Melbourne Fringe

REVIEW: Burnout Paradise by Pony Cam – Melbourne Fringe

REVIEW: Insomniac Mixtape by Telia Nevile – Melbourne Fringe

REVIEW: I Am Seaweed by Cheryl Ho – Melbourne Fringe

REVIEW: Werkin’ 5 to 9 by HollyPop and Brenda Bressed - Melbourne Fringe

REVIEW: night sweat by Michelle McCowage - Melbourne Fringe