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Goddess: there’s one in a cinema near you

Elspeth Dickins (Laura Michelle Kelly) is a singer-songwriter who is raising out-of-control twins, while her husband is off in the Southern Ocean tracking whale migration and recording whale song. She has deferred her dream of being a singer, while her husband pursues his environmental passion – but while he’s away, she’s given the opportunity to follow her dreams. Goddess is an original Australian film musical, which has been poorly promoted – the poster and tagline are generic and the trailer cuts together the least-interesting bits with the lowest-common-denominator jokes. Had I seen the trailer before I saw the film, I probably wouldn’t have seen the film. With the continuing production of musicals for both big and small screens in America, the fact that the trailer shies away from promoting the fact the film is a musical puzzles me. The most inventive parts of the film are the songs and the choreography. The songs are smart, insightful and clever. Funny when they need