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Eight Minutes: Production Photos by 3 Fates Media

My latest short play, Eight Minutes , opened at Chapel Off Chapel this week as part of Short & Sweet Theatre 2012. 3 Fates Media is the official photographer of the event - their website , their Facebook page . Check them out if you are after portrait photography, video production or theatre photography. More details on their website. Actors Sean Scanlon and Anna Burgess in Eight Minutes Being the first show after intermission is fun - and Theatre Week B is entirely different to Theatre Week A. There's a lot more "off the wall" stuff this week. I'm very proud of this little show. Director Clara Pagone has really brought Eight Minutes  to life in an exciting and innovative way - and Sean & Anna have found some thrilling ways to embody these characters' stories. Two more performances tomorrow: 1:30pm and 7:30pm. Come along, check out 10 bite-size shows and vote for your favourite. And join us in the bar for a drink after.

You only live twice: SKYFALL and the resurrection of Ian Fleming’s James Bond

Spoiler warning for the entire Bond franchise - books and films, but specifically for Skyfall . See it before you read this review! * I’ve been a big fan of James Bond since high school, back in a time when the only way to see the movies was when they appeared on television; for some reason, they were never all available on VHS to hire and never to buy. In between seeing the movies on TV and waiting for the next ones to be released (the first Bond film I saw on the big screen was The Living Daylights ), I read the original Ian Fleming novels, most of which I bought from second hand book stores. So, as much as I see problems with both the books and the films, each iteration is of its time and I’m still drawn to the character in a similar way to when I was twelve years old. I just have so much fun with them. But I also adore the character and the world Fleming created. And it’s nice to see his original vision respected, while James Bond continues to grow in the twenty-first