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"What the fuck was that?" My opening lines of dialogue

I've just copied down the opening lines of dialogue from all of my plays, just to see if there was any pattern. I'm not sure if I've learned anything from this yet... let me know if you spot anything significant. “So many of my days feel like they are repeating themselves.” – About Time   “I’ve got to go.” – Cleopatra’s Shadow   “The sun has just exploded and the Earth has eight minutes until it feels the effect.” – Eight Minutes   “You have to imagine this place is packed.” – everything. First time for...   “Sorry for the wait.” – The Fidelity Act   “Where were you last night?” – It’s Not the End of the World   “When I’m not Lady Macbeth, I’m a figure in my husband’s art.” – Lady M  * “I set fire to a brothel once. “ – Like a House on Fire   “My mother was born into a cage and she was raised there.” – A Modern Superwoman   “Throat cancer.” – The New Normal   “There once was a girl from next door / Who moved in when she was four.