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Melbourne Fringe 2015: AussieTheatre reviews

I'm writing reviews for shows at this year's Melbourne Fringe Festival. They will be all posted at AussieTheatre. I'll put a link in this post as they go up: Gorilla, lovely Gorilla Fag/Stag Christopher Doesn't Live Here Anymore MKA's Bounty Hildegard/Knef Boys, Boys, Boys Corey White: The Cane Toad Effect A Star is Bored #DearDiary Gender Spanner F#*king with Gender Exit Everything Alice Tovey: Malice Minnie & Mona Play Dead No Punchline People Piss in Here Strong Female Character Rob Lloyd: The Heart Awakens

ANTIGONE: the tragedy that keeps on giving

On Monday afternoon of this week, I sat in the public galleries of both the House of Representatives and the Senate at Parliament House in Canberra. It was Question Time and many of the questions to our Prime Minister were about Syria, in particular about increasing Australia’s refugee intake and whether or not a campaign of airstrikes on the country was in anyone’s best interests. I realised, sitting there, watching the same questions asked over and over – and the Prime Minister falling back on his tired rhetoric that his government “stopped the boats”, that Question Time is just that. A time for questions. No answers were given. The captain had made his call. By Thursday, Australia committed to taking 12,000 refugees from Syria – as well as to a series of airstrikes in the region. In three days, the answer went from “we are doing enough” to “let’s not be too compassionate” to increasing our refugee numbers while the Prime Minister made the unilateral decision to engage in an