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SPECTRE: Does it meet expectations?

MAJOR SPOILERS FOR SPECTRE After 2012’s Skyfall – a commemoration of the 50 th Anniversary of the James Bond film series – any follow-up was going to have hard time hitting that height. And the series, since its 2006 reinvention with Daniel Craig, has been a solid run of films. Even the maligned Quantum of Solace really only suffers in comparison to Casino Royale and, for me, it’s a perfect sequel to Craig’s first outing. Spectre , on the other hand, doesn’t just suffer by comparison. Its own internal logic doesn’t stack up and where it wants to tie together disperate elements from the three previous films, it makes little-to-no sense. Yes, we’re still talking about James Bond films here. A series whose low points include James Bond in space ( Moonraker ) and James Bond in an invisible car ( Die Another Day ). It’s not that the series has ever been consistently one thing or another, let alone consistently good. Each actor brings his own quirks to the role and ever