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Thank God It’s (Not) a Girl: The Women of "The Boys" & "Summer of the Seventeenth Doll"

Belvoir’s production of Ray Lawler’s seminal Australian play, Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (now transfered to the Melbourne Theatre Company), and Griffin Theatre’s production of Gordon Graham’s The Boys both have a lot to say about men dominating women in awful ways. “The Doll” is 57 years old this year. The Boys is celebrating its 21 st birthday in 2012. And for two plays separated by decades and a generation or two, both feel utterly relevant to today. Which is very unfortunate. As much as things can change, sometimes they stay the same. What thrilled me about both productions – and both plays – is the strength and complexity of the female characters. The male characters act as catalysts that drive the women’s stories. And while neither play shys away from criticising all the characters’ choices, both are very much of the view that we can all be a victim of our circumstances. Helen Thompson as Pearl and Eloise Winestock as Bubba Take “The Doll”. Both Olive a

The Three Rs: Reading, Writing, Re-casting

Half-way through January already and what have I been up to? Well, apart from dealing with an eye infection that’s left me feeling a little down/annoyed, I have been enjoying a slow, relaxing entry into 2012. My day job is just warming up for the year and I’ve had very few commitments, outside of working on my own projects – as well as actually finding time to read (!), which is helpful since I got a few books for Christmas. Reading note: I’ve been dividing my time between  The Academy Awards: The Complete Unofficial History , which is fun for a movie buff but even more for an old-school Hollywood lover; Look, I Made a Hat , Stephen Sondheim’s second volume discussing lyrics of all his shows (and ephemera); and Stephen King’s 11/22/63 – the first King novel I’ve read since his Dark Tower series finished in 2004! Theatre season seems to be starting up again this week, so I’ll have less time for reading (see you next Christmas, books!) but am determined to not get too snowed

Painting With Words & Fire - Tickets on Sale now!

Design by Andre White Tickets for Painting with Words & Fire are NOW ON SALE through Revolt Productions! What happens when you're a pyromaniac and lose your spark? Or the boy next door disappears? And what if your reputation isn't enough to keep you from falling?    Penny, Jane and Sophia find themselves stuck at a crossroads in their lives. Reveling in your passion is one thing, but when does it become an unhealthy obsession? Dates: February 15 to 25, 2012 Time: 8pm Venue: Revolt Art Space - Loading Dock Revolt Productions 12 Elizabeth Street Kensington VIC 3031 Writer: Keith Gow Actor/Directors: Christine Husband, Renee Palmer, Adrienne Sloan Designer: Andre White Music: Claire Healy The Wooden Leg presents... Painting with Words & Fire . Tickets on sale now .