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The Wooden Leg is coming to life

We all make plans. We all talk about the plans we have made. But do we all get what we want out of life in the end? Do we get our happy ending? Brand new theatre company, The Wooden Leg, performs three short plays over 5 nights at The Owl and Pussycat, Richmond from 7-11 September. The audience will be guided through three different spaces where they will find themselves immersed in three different worlds in which the characters  live, love, question, and make decisions. Or try to make decisions, about what it is they need to go on living their lives. With a talented cast of upcoming actors these dark comedies from New Australian Writers Keith Gow and Hayley Lawson Smith, are brought to life with energy and truth. Lauren Hopley, Christine Husband and Paul Knox took on the immense challenge of directing these plays, with only 2 weeks to rehearse and the hectic work schedules of all of the emerging artists involved. With the pressure on, the result is honest, passionate and real perf

Final poster design!

The Melbourne Fringe Festival guide was launched on Tuesday and while I still haven't found a copy of the guide in print, the online version looks great . And now, from the talented Sarah Walker , we've got the final poster/business card design ready to get off to the printers. Tickets on Sale! Six Shows Only! BOOK NOW !

The Wooden Leg... Three Short Plays

Where? The Owl & the Pussycat - 34 Swan St, Richmond When? Wed 7th Sept to Sun 11th Sept Two plays by Keith Gow - "You Will Be Kissed By Princess Leia" and "Sibling Loyalty" One play by Hayley Lawson-Smith - "Immersed" The Wooden Leg is the combination of producer/actor Wallis Murphy-Munn, writer/actor Andrew Dodds and writers Keith Gow and Hayley Lawson-Smith. They have gathered a great collection of actors and directors for a season of short plays at the Owl and the Pussycat venue in September. * In particular, may I present the directors and casts of my plays... YOU WILL BE KISSED BY PRINCESS LEIA Director: Christine Husband Actor: Paul Knox (David at 35) Actor: Tom Carmody (David at 15) SIBLING LOYALTY Director: Paul Knox Actor: Brad Williams (Brendan) Actor: Donna Pope (Maria) I am thrilled we've gathered such talent at such short notice. Please come and join the Wooden Leg gang and this

Time & Space - shooting a short film in a day

Simon, Niniane and Chris: On Set With less than five weeks until opening night, the production team of Richard di Gregorio: On Time spent a full ten-hour day yesterday making a short film. Time & Space: A Love Story in Four Dimensions  will premiere as part of On Time , a one-man variety show on the theme of time: how sometimes it moves too fast, sometimes it moves too slow, and occasionally it's just right - even though you rarely notice it when it does. Yesterday, time moved just right. We basically stuck to the schedule Richard had planned, from meeting at 8am to packing up ready to leave the location at 6:30pm - thirty minutes ahead of schedule. Film shoots are notorious for running behind schedule. This one was so well planned, it went very smoothly. I've made a few short films before, but all as part of competitions where you've got 15, 24 or 48 hours to shoot and edit - which means there is a lot of compromise to be made. I was always pretty happy wi

Q: What is Project X? A: The Wooden Leg

Carrie Fisher. She says she never signed a contract to stay looking like this for the next forty years! I don't mean to be obtuse about my upcoming project, but until I know it's definitely going to go ahead, I don't want to jinx it. But so far, so good. We've re-evaluated how the season will look. Now it's likely to be one week only, five performances, second week of September - 7th to 11th. We have the plays chosen: "Sibling Loyalty" and "You Will Be Kissed By Princess Leia" by me and "Immersed" by Hayley Lawson-Smith. We have most of the roles cast and one director on board. Because of the short turnaround time, instead of lots of doubling up, we'll try to spread the love across more actors so they can focus on one show at a time - and get a director for each play. The Wooden Leg is the name of the group we've created for this project - and that's what we'll be selling the show under, once we hit the go butt

Careful the things you say... Joe Wright’s HANNA & the combination of genres

Once upon a time... I tried to write a film script that melded noir and Grimm’s fairytales, where the femme fatale , clad in a slinky red dress, was also (in a way) Little Red Riding Hood. Where the lover of a hit man discovered his true identity from something hidden under his mattress. Evil (step)mothers, adopted children, hunters, princesses and family fortunes. Noir and fairytales have a lot in common and yet... I had real trouble finding the right tone for the piece. And, in the end, my script read too much like I was trying to get the concept to work, rather than telling a compelling story. Saoirse Ronan as Hanna Joe Wright’s film HANNA , screenplay by Seth Lockhead and David Farr, finds the perfect balance between a high tension thriller and a fairytale coming-of-age story. And travels further into the story of this mysterious girl than the trailer suggests. Going in, I was worried this might be too close to Leon or La Femme Nikita – the original films of which I t

My 3 Projects: On Time, Three Women & Project X

It’s seven weeks until Richard Di Gregorio: On Time opens at The Space Dance & Arts Centre in Prahran. Two weeks ago, Richard, director Chris Broadstock and I went out taking some publicity shots with Richard contemplating time in front of some of the famous clocks of Melbourne. First stop, the giant pocketwatch that hangs inside Melbourne Central and bursts open on the hour every hour to the delight (and dismay) of passers-by; second, the clock tower of the Melbourne Town Hall; and, finally, the iconic clocks at Flinders Street. If the weather had been better and, errr, time more on our side, we could have wandered further down St Kilda Rd to get a pic in front of the floral clock. Richard Di Gregorio contemplates time... The photoshopped piece on my On Time page is almost the same as the image we’re using in the official Melbourne Fringe guide – and similar imagery will be reflected in the business cards and posters we’ll be using to promote the show. (Business cards ins