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Perfect Couple(t): Before Sunrise & Before Sunset

Last night, reviews of Richard Linklater’s new film Before Midnight were published – after the film’s first screening at the Sundance film festival. And suddenly, on reading nine positive reviews and one negative, this third film in the Before Sunrise, Before Sunset series becomes my most anticipated film of the year. And, given this series' release schedule, perhaps my most anticipated film of the decade? If Linklater, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy reunite for a fourth time, we won’t see Jesse and Celine again until 2022. Below are reproductions of reviews I wrote of the first two films in 2004. In January 2004, I revisited Before Sunrise for the first time since knowing there was a sequel in the works – nine years after Sunrise was first released in 1995. In September 2004, I wrote two reviews of Before Sunset: the first, a single word; the second, a lengthy discussion. Some thoughts on the upcoming Before Midnight at the end.  REVIEW: BEFORE SUNRISE (1995), January 2

Resolution for 2013: Send my plays out into the world!

Over the last couple of years, I've fallen into a routine of theatre making and theatre production that has trapped me a little - putting on shows leaves less time for writing. And less time for writing means basically no time for sending my plays out into the world. Now spending time making theatre is probably the best excuse for not having enough time writing plays, but none of it makes up for the fact that - if I don't send my plays out into the world, they won't get made. The World (Winkel tripel projection) It's one thing to focus on a production I'm directly involved in, and quite another to entirely forget about marketing myself to a wider audience by sending my plays to theatre companies all over the world who are looking for new scripts. 2013, I resolve to do better. In fact, it's January 12 and I've already done better at this than in the last two years combined. All because of a little site called Play Submission Helper . In the past,